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Landscaping Services

Garden and Turf Maintenance

We provide Garden & Turf maintenance services with care and attention to detail. Our services range from grass cutting to tree trimming to fertilization. If you are interested in scheduling regular maintenance services, contact us. Keeping your garden green, vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds is a job for experts. Our team provides regular services designed to ensure that your garden stays looking its best year-round.


We provide both Organic and Traditional Garden & Turf Maintenance


Regular Watering - Regular watering, whether with an irrigation system, sprinkler, or manually is critical to a plant’s growth and development. It is important to water thoroughly and deeply, allowing the plants to establish a strong root system.


Weeding - Weeds are an inevitable part of any garden, blown in from surrounding yards or exposed when preparing the ground for planting. Weeding is especially important to minimize competition for precious water, nutrient, and space resources. Weeding improves overall plant growth and a nice looking garden.


PRUNING/THINNING - Many plants need regular pruning or trimming to remove damaged or diseased areas, improve airflow, and ensure long term health of the plant.


Fertilizing - Depending on soil conditions and plant selection, some areas of the garden will require supplementary feeding and fertilizing. Choose from organic worm castings, liquid or granular organic fertilizers, or a variety of other nutrient remedies to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need.


Pest Control - We identify and create a strategy to minimize the population of bad/harmful pests while promoting healthy habitats for beneficial insects. 


Compost Management - We believe that healthy gardens start with healthy soil, and composting is one of the best ways to grow your own soil. We recommend restarting a stuck compost bin, get started with composting, improving the efficiency of your composting program, and turning this task into one of most rewarding parts of gardening.


Organic Turf Maintenance – This program utilizes safe products derived from natural plant, mineral, and animal sources and is designed to minimize environmental impact. These products develop sustainable results over time while staying safe for children and pets.

Traditional Turf Maintenance – Typically regular way and the most affordable program, It is harsher for people, pets, and the environment but provides the fastest results.

Vegetation/Edible Garden Works

We will find creative solutions to maximize your available growing space. With growing options ranging from raised beds to rooftop systems to indoor systems, and enhancements such as cold frames, vertical garden, trellising, and pest fencing, we can offer several options for your garden or farm. We use sustainable materials as much as possible, and install each garden with precision and care. Our installations are typically packaged with our maintenance and engagement services. 


We use only organic methods and products for fertility and pest management. We manage first through prevention and optimizing plant health before introducing products. Our small-scale intensive approach to gardening and farming provides high yields, attractive garden and farm landscapes, and opportunities for hands-on engagement. We help you grow food, anywhere.

Landscape design

Depth of Commercial/Industrial and Residential landscape Services.

Relationships and results drive us. We are focused on providing unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations and results that help you succeed.

We provide comprehensive landscape, turf, vegetation and garden maintenance with a defined strategy for growth. We follow strict adherence to our green industry standards and uphold a culture of safety and respect.

We undertake designing, installation and managing sustainable gardens. From custom stone work, unique water features, and interesting plantings in a residential setting to complex commercial landscaping and institutional landscapes, our attention to detail through landscape design is what sets us apart.

Arboriculture Consultancy (Certified Arborist) and Tree Inspection/Management

Arboriculture is the art and science of tree care. It looks at the internal processes of trees and how they should be cared for accordingly. We provide an eco-friendly, artistic approach to expert tree care combining art, education and conservation using cutting edge tools and technology. Our holistic approach considers the life of the tree from the correct choice planting, the health and structure of the tree, to the sustainable use of wood products. All of our work is performed by Certified Arborists in accordance with industry standard (ANSI A-300) tree pruning guidelines.

Member of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Certified Arborist.